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JRD Technical Associates Inc. is a Proactive Leader in on-site network and IT service for small to mid-sized businesses to 500 users.

JRD is totally committed to our clients. Immediate response is our number one priority!

Join JRD's group of well managed clients when Performance Matters

IT Solutions

for a more secure


Computer Networking

Network & Cloud Computing

JRD provides professional computer services to businesses that don't need or want a full team of computer specialists on staff.
Our goal is to keep your computer systems running 100% of the time and install the hardware and software you need to stay competitive. 
Our strengths are in Networks of all sizes, Windows Server 2008-2016, Microsoft Exchange, Small Business Server and Windows XP Thru  Windows 10.
We can also provide wiring and fiber optics installations.

Cyber Security

Don't be a victim be proactive. Cyber Security does not start after an attack.  Security is an ongoing concern.  Attacks can come in from any networked device from security cameras to doorbells.

Call JRD for a Free basic Cyber Security screening or arrange for a full penetration test. 




JRD can provide your business with Web Design, and Internet Solutions tailored to fit your needs. Whether you're new to the Internet or looking to better your current site, JRD can help.

Serving the small business is priority one with JRD. This has never been more true, especially in Web Design.  We can custom build a web site to help your business gain exposure on the ever-growing internet. If you need an informational site or a full-blown e-commerce site, JRD can help. 

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Security Analysis & Testing 

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Quality services you can trust and afford.

JRD understands the purpose of technology is to serve your business. JRD offers our clients quality business solutions.  JRD works with you to understand your business  and design a network infrastructure to bring your business into the future  while adding productivity and profitability. We can help you use technology to help your business's bottom line.

People Make the Difference In the World of Technology, JRD will put technical issues into business terms. We speak our client's language.

Whether you are planning a network for 5 users or 500 users, JRD has the tools and expertise to do it right the first time​. 

Act now, Call JRD to learn what it is like to have an IT staff not a computer guy.


Cloud Computing

Mobility & the Future

IT partner with a shared vision

Security At JRD we’re passionate about making YOUR business secure to allow you to concentrate on growing your business.  It’s all thanks to the support and feedback from clients like you.  JRD employees dedicated security professionals to keep up to date with New security products that allow us to prevent and detect intrusion into your networks.

Cloud Computing is this the right choice for you?  Cloud Computing is nothing more than using someone else's server and possibly their software at a location outside of your building.  If you are a public accounting firm or a diverse multi location corporation this may be the solution for you.  If your company is a single location that needs high speed server access you best chioce may be an onsite server.  Maybe your best solution would be a Hybrid solution taking advantage of the the advantages of both the cloud and on premise server.  JRD has developed both for our local and multinational clients.  Use JRD's experience to help you decide.  

Mobility and the Future  No one is certain of the future but one thing that we know is technology is changing at an increasing rate.  Wearable computers, technology immersion and a world totally integrated were inconceivable as little as 30 years ago.  Be prepared for YOUR Future by working out a long term plan with JRD.   JRD has worked hand in hand with out clients to map out their long term plans for over 30 years of dealing with many of the same clients.

Providing a Complete Proactive Suite of Cyber Security and IT Solutions
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