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JRD Technical Services


Cyber Security, Risk assessment and penetration testing, Network Solutions, Managed Services, Network Monitoring, Data Backup & Recovery, IT Security Services, Help Desk and Remote Dial-in Support, Hardware Maintenance Services, Desktop Management Solutions, Professional Services, Unified Communications and Cloud based PBX services, Network Engineering Services, Fiber Optics Wiring and infrastructure installation, Internet Consulting, Web Design and remote or onsite Training


JRD Tech

Security Services


Always at the forefront of today’s ever changing cyber & technological threats, JRD offers Security Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment Services, Risk Analysis from Vulnerability Scans to Full Penetration Testing, Cyber Forensics and more.

With the increased need to connect everyday devices, from doorbells to refrigerators,  to your wired and wireless network it is imperative to harden your network against intrusion though open access on these devices.

Disaster Preparedness

It Could Happen to You

•Few businesses experience the tragedy like those of the World Trade Center, Katrina or Sandy


•More will experience fire, flood, or theft of equipment


•Many more will be victims of equipment failure, human error, or simple neglect.


•Preparation is the Key


Be prepared, Don’t be a victim


Let JRD setup a disaster preparedness plan or review your current plan and make suggestions how to make it more fool proof.


JRD Tech

Design and Planning

Network Planning,
Design, Expansion, and Integration

We support you with comprehensive, end to end network engineering solutions, from design, to wiring, to implementation, migration and systems optimization, management and maintenance. Through a consultative approach, JRD works with you to provide a variety of network solutions including network planning, design, expansion and integration

JRD Tech:

Your Best IT Choice

Why Clients Choose JRD:

  • Improve system uptime

  • Extend supported system types

  • 35+ Years of Professional IT and Network Support

  • 30+ Years Supporting Country Clubs

  • Serving Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester & Conn.

  • Dedicated  Team of IT Professionals on Call 24/7

  • Continuous Network and Server Monitoring

  • Experienced in Software Development and Support

  • Microsoft/Cisco/Dell/HP Partner, Jonas, Clubtec, Clubsoft, Northstar

  • VOIP Phones and Security Cameras

  • Payroll and time clock system

  • Hand Scanner and Time Clock Installation and Service

  • New Office, Warehouse and Facility Installations

  • 3M certified Cat 6 and Fiber Optic installations

  • Fully Staffed Tech Lab

  • PC and Server Set Up

  • Hardware Installation / Repair, Virus Removal

  • Key Business Segments Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing and distribution , Financial Institutions

JRD Tech

Professional Services

Professional Services

JRD has an excellent reputation for providing expert consulting and technical skills across the spectrum of Information Technology (IT) services.  JRD's consulting and engineering services provide you with a cost-effective solution that saves resources and offers skilled certified network engineers experienced in the latest technologies.  No networking projects are unique to us. We deliver practical and strategic business technology solutions offering direct access to the leading experts in your industry – every day on every project

Client Loyalty of over 20 years

Long Term Client Loyalty

As testament to JRD's quality of support, JRD’s average client has been with us for over ten years.  The longest is over thirty years.  JRD, has a strong business background from manufacturing nearly 20,000 personal computers and 200,000 computer monitors, giving our staff an understanding of business and it's nuances which escape the average technician.   JRD additionally has experience in managing over twenty club hospitality, accounting and ERP software packages plus an untold number of Microsoft and non-Microsoft software applications. 

Providing a Complete Proactive Suite of Cyber Security and IT Solutions
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